Incredibly detailed.


The diopter, a secret weapon of classic cinematography for decreasing the minimum focus distance of lenses, has been reinvented for single sensor digital cameras.

This MACROLUX close-up lens, available in strength +2, +1 and +0.5 , is screwed directly onto the lens body and can be either used as a single element or also can be easily adjusted to extend the effect by adding one additional diopter strength element or, to minor visual impurities to a maximum, by stacking all three single elements together, without adding any chromatic aberration to the lens.

Each single element shares the same mechanical housing, all three are equally compatible with prime, zoom and anamorphic lenses with Ø 114 mm and Ø 95 mm front diameters to enhance the performance by extending effects without adding any chromatic aberration to the lens.

The modern lens design of the MACROLUX 114 | MACROLUX 95 creates a high-performance optic with no perceptible light loss, spherical aberrations, color fringing or centering issues. The custom coatings offer it a high resolution and contrast along with a color temperature matched to the natural, neutral look of the SUMMILUX-C and SUMMICRON-C lenses, although it also pairs well with other lenses, including anamorphic.


The high-quality glass used in the MACROLUX allows it to be used on wide-angle lenses without inducing distortion or image degradation. This offers increased close focus ability while also increasing the out of focus effect and background separation. It can be used for extreme close ups as well as maintaining a consistent depth of field look between wider and longer lenses.

Using the MACROLUX with telephoto lenses offers the option for creating and inserting macro shots that maintain the consistent look and feel of the rest of the content. The +1 allows 33 % closer focus with a SUMMILUX-C 100 mm lens and a 50 % closer focus with a SUMMILUX-C135 mm. Another example: with the LEITZ PRIME 100 mm and 135 mm the MACROLUX 114 +1 allows 37% closer focus.

Capture incredible detail with no loss of performance and additional color fringing, increases out of focus features and background separation when using wider lenses and higher T-stops.