A simple innovative directors viewfinder and a practical support system for Leica SL cameras.



Directors and Cinematographers Viewfinders
HENRI brings advanced cinematic options of the new Leica SL2-S with a simple support system and creates in that combines an innovative director viewfinder.

The pivoting handle has an integrated record on/off switch and can therefore create an easy handheld shooting tool. Once you with the pivoting handle backwards the system can be easily attached to any mono- or tripod.

The modular systems allow the camera to be easily taken on and off.

You can choose between L-PL and L-LPL mounts and the weight comes down to a small 1850 gr /4.07 lb for the full system including the camera, due to the light materials of carbon fibre and aluminium used.

HENRI – A Cinematographer’s Viewfinder!