IR Spectrum – False Colour OLPF – v2

KIPPERTIE IR Spectrum – False Colour OLPF – v2

KipperTie’s IR Spectrum filter for RED is ‘Night-shot Mode’ for your DSMC2 system. Unlike its Full Spectrum sister, this filter passes only near infra-red beyond 720nm.
Developed over two years for our adventurous and high-profile natural history cinematography clients, this filter provides the ultimate in IR imagery with outstanding sharpness. The filter has anti-reflective and protective coatings and comes housed in a genuine RED swappable mount.

KIPPERTIE IR Spectrum – False Colour OLPF – v2

Version 2 of the IR spectrum filter improves anti-reflection by up to three stops, improves NIR transmission by around 10%, and has a more robust surface finish for easier handling.

Applications include:

IR illuminated covert filming
IR landscape and portrait imagery
Creative and scientific purposes