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Filmmaking is an art – one that requires vision, precision and expertise. In addition to these attributes, using the correct tools is also important for any filmmaker to turn his vision into reality. Only with the right accessories can the best shot sequences translate into cinematic brilliance. So if you hear about a RED camera accessories sale, make sure you take advantage of it. Otherwise you’ll miss getting your hands on some of the best film-making accessories in the market.

Here is our list of the 5 must-have accessories that most filmmakers use while filming their dream projects:

  1. Universal Lens Caps

This is a non-negotiable requirement because having the right kind of protection for your lens is absolutely essential to keep your project going. Lenses can be lost very easily so these shields that form a tight seal on your lens can be your camera’s best friend. The cap protects your camera from dust, dirt, water and damage. Easy to carry and use, these are a must-have accessory for every filmmaker.

  1. Shoulder mount

A shoulder mount will add stability and a level of professionalism to your shots. An ergonomically-designed mount will rest comfortably on your shoulder and give you the flexibility to move around with ease so that you can capture solid, smooth shots.

  1. The detachable microphone

A good detachable microphone is the bread and butter of every filmmaker (besides the camera of course!) and a priceless must-have. You can’t really call yourself a filmmaker if you don’t have one of these on you at all times. There are a number of good quality detachable mikes out there but a RED camera accessories sale may provide the perfect opportunity to get your hands on one of these beauties!

  1. Tripod

Nothing can replace the functionality and use of a sturdy tripod.

Tough shoots and tricky shots can get the best of you. Uneven terrain or just a steady shot require a sturdy tripod to back it up. Therefore it is definitely is one of the most critical accessories for any filmmaker. Let each film define who you are and what your story demands and make sure you have a good-quality, sturdy tripod to make this as easy as possible for you.

  1. Hard drive

A good hard drive is one of the most important accessories for a filmmaker. All your data needs to be constantly backed up and safely stored. All your long hours of shooting and filmmaking will mean nothing if your storage systems are a mess. Have a couple of hard disks as backup for all the hard work and toil you have put into your filmmaking.

So those were the 5 most critical accessories that you absolutely must have if you plan to join the filmmaking brigade (and even more so if you’re already an active part of it!)

Keep an eye out for a RED camera accessories sale and purchase the best-quality accessories. To know more, contact Tinnu International today!

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