Why Red Camera is the Best Bargain for Your Next Filmmaking Project

Today, films in India are competing on a global landscape. Indian films with soulful stories and engaging visuals are making a mark in big markets like China, US, Europe, and more. A great example of an Indian film enjoying great success in foreign countries is Dangal (starring Aamir Khan), a super-hit that earned over 1,000 crore rupees in China alone.

Now imagine the potential of a larger-than-life experience like Iron Man made in India. The problem is that such high-profile, universally-appealing films are still far away from the vision of our Indian filmmakers. In order to conquer the global frontiers of filmmaking, Indian filmmakers need to adopt the latest techniques and technology, and speak the language of the global audience. For example, the latest camera technology offered by RED cameras provides 16 times higher resolution as compared to HD, so why not use it?!

A RED camera price in India can start at around 3 lakh rupees which can seem a bit pricey for Indian celluloid denizens in the beginning; but can turn out to be a great buy over time. Within such amazing resources available in India only through Tinnu International, Indian filmmakers can now bring an 8k cinematic experience to the visual-hungry Indian audience with ease and style!

If you’re still worrying about the RED camera price in India, compare it with the Dangal figure above and you will realise that it is an absolutely steal-worthy bargain!

Here are three reasons why Hollywood filmmakers put their faith in RED camera technology. 

Heavenly Resolution 

Resolution is one of the key aspects to consider in a camera. According to the photography/videography team of Guardians of the Galaxy which was filmed with a RED camera, the technology provided extremely sharp focus and depth to the movie. Additionally, the details of the imagery were easy to capture because the team was not required to use different cameras for different scenes. With the RED camera, they were able to create CGI-led larger-than-life experiences that blew audiences away. 

Speaking the Global Film Lingo 

Worldwide, teenagers and adults alike are fascinated by superhero movies with great CGI-led action. In order to create similar experiences, Indian filmmakers also need to adopt CGI techniques and equipment like the RED camera with 3D and high-definition resolution. These visual experiences captivate audiences and are commercially promising.

Proven Calibre

IMDB has an entire page dedicated to the usage of RED cameras in successful Hollywood movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Gone Girl, and many others. Its stature in the most successful commercial film industry in the world and its proven calibre in large filmmaking projects make it an undisputable asset to Indian filmmakers as well. Have you checked out the RED camera price in India yet? Contact Tinnu International to know more!

RED cameras are capable of bringing dreams to life, not only for film-goers but for film-makers as well! It’s high time for Indian filmmakers to dream big and let the latest world-class technology capture the essence of life like it is meant to be!

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