Leitz expanding its territory with next generation Thalia Lenses

Leitz expanding its territory with next generation Thalia Lenses

Leitz is known for their Thalia set of lenses and is always exploring new territory for next-generation optics. Leica thalia prime lenses now known as Leitz has set of 12 prime lenses and is developed for vista vision formats ranging from 18mm to 180mm.  Wide zoom is 25-75mm and longer with a range of 55mm-125mm. Leitz commitment to craftmanship are well showcased in these lenses with lengthened coverage for bigger formats. Leitz Leica Thalia 6 Lens Set: 30/35/45/70/100 lenses signify the modern age of lens design.



These lenses are built keeping in mind the motion picture requirement. Not just focusing on super sharp images, it has tried to build lens which cinematographers would like to use with digital sensors. Leitz’s team claim that the images are clearer without making it overly sharp. The skin tones are very natural with accurate colors. 15 blades form the iris of each lens creates space throughout the complete range of stops. It makes the subject more live while allowing other elements to support the structure giving more dimension for the image. The covering circle size of the lenses is compact and light with a diameter of 95mm and weighing between 1.06-1.6kg.

Thalia is a response for large format prime lenses. The focal length of lenses includes 24, 30, 35, 45, 55, 70, 100, 120 and 180mm. These lenses are available in PL mount. They maintain 95mm front diameter and iris ring locations for consistency. The highlight of thalia lenses is its iris design which has a circular shape throughout the aperture. The bokeh is smooth which helps the elements that are out of focus to maintain structure and shape.

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