Essential Camera Accessories for A Dream Filmmaking Project

Every filmmaker dreams of shooting his favourite subject someday.  When you are conceptualising your main idea, don’t forget the wonders of technology – small or big! A small tool like a 960GB media card can be the difference between going on an endless shooting spree in the Amazon forest without storage worries, and turning around in the swarm of Mumbai traffic. If you have a concept, crew and camera ready, keep an eye out for tags like ‘RED Camera accessories sale’ to procure small marvels like the 960GB memory card mentioned above. 

Purchasing camera accessories is no longer an optional task. In fact, in today’s media-obsessed world, top-of-the-line accessories like lenses, tripods and power outlets can significantly reduce the burden of undertaking large creative projects for filmmakers. For example, RED camera accessories (sale at Tinnu International!) are taking the filmmaking world by storm at the moment. These cameras and accessories have received worldwide attention and recognition after being used to helm super-hit Hollywood films like Gone Girl and The Social Network.

Check out the RED camera accessories sale and enjoy all the advantages of these quality camera accessories!

Securing a Competitive Edge 

An advanced LCD viewfinder is essential for working on filmmaking projects. For creative projects, it is important for several key authorities like the director, cameraman and director of photography to always remain in sync with their vision. Mountable advanced LCD viewfinders make this possible. No wonder they are becoming the norm in the film industry today!

An advanced gadget like the RED LCD viewfinder can be mounted on the camera to provide a crystal-clear picture for clearing final takes. It provides a 1920 × 1200 resolution display along with 2200 nits brightness to provide absolute clarity even in sunny or over-bright conditions. Additionally, it is also equipped to provide 1200:1 contrast ratio which is a new benchmark for viewfinder technology.  

Viewfinders like these can help you review R3D film footage directly using the camera. Reviewing the footage directly from a viewfinder can be a valuable boost to efforts, efficiency, cost of production and ultimately creativity. 

Capturing an Extraordinary Experience 

Did you know that your dream project could come with 17 times better resolution than HD? And 4 times better than a 4K cinematic experience?! The director of photography of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Henry Braham, shot the entire film on 8K resolution using the advanced RED camera and sensors. According to Braham, “There is a significant difference in the richness and the way detail was captured”. Henry felt the complex images of a ‘larger than life’ experience required a more sophisticated technology.  Moreover, these advanced camera sensors also promise significant improvements in shadows and low-light settings. Now imagine if Hitchcock had had access to this technology during his hey-day!  

Higher output has also become the need of the hour to pull in audiences to cinema theatres. Today, theatres like IMAX in Hyderabad captivate the city like a shining lamp for bees. The rich details and exceptional cinema quality is helping the Telugu film industry climb peaks of commercial success unlike many others in the Indian film industry. So, it would be wise to grab the opportunity with both hands. Check out the RED camera accessories sale brought to you by Tinnu International only for Indian customers!

It is important to purchase film accessories which are sturdy, reliable and come with warranties for their commercial application. Tinnu International supplies original and quality camera accessories for all kinds of filming requirements. Give us a call at 9819846750 to know more!

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