Calling Filmmakers: Dream Big With the Power of Lenses!

Lenses play a vital role in establishing the theme, mood and the larger vision for films. They also offer more freedom for directors to capture small nuances of life and transfer them to film. For example, macro lenses can help capture rings on water with ultra-miniscule clarity that can take the audience right into a picturesque scene.

If you’re a filmmaker (amateur or professional), chances are that you’re probably already aware of this. And perhaps the high price of some lenses is holding you back from exploring their features for yourself. If this is the case, you should know that despite the high costs, your initial investment can pay off in unexpected – and handsome – ways.

If lens quality is the most important aspect to you as a filmmaker, consider investing in Leica cine lenses for your next celluloid project. The German parent company of these lenses, Leica, received the honorary Academy Scientific and Engineering award for the mechanical and optical design of its lenses in 2015, so you know that you’re getting a world-class product when you purchase Leica cine lenses.

Cine lenses come in various types and configurations. Here are 3 important factors to consider before purchasing your own:


The subject of the film is extremely important for choosing a lens. For creative cinematic work, prime lenses will provide the much needed quality. A pair of these can provide ideal control for setting the mood and theme with focus and exposure. The downside of these is that these lenses are often relatively expensive. If you are working towards capturing a real event, zoom lenses are ideal.  Ultra wide zoom lenses can be expensive too but they offer a close range exposure that can take your scene from ho-hum to wow.


Depending on the type of film, filmmakers can select an autofocus lens or a manual lens. Some professional filmmakers work with a manual focus, which provides them the freedom to shoot with exact precision and in accordance with their vision. When selecting a lens with a manual focus, quality must an important factor for consideration in order to control the outcome of their filmmaking project. 

Focal Length 

Purchasing the right lens can be a challenge for a new filmmaker. Understanding the purpose of different lenses with various focal lengths can be a good starting point. Widely popular lenses like Fisheye are ideal for covering cityscapes, panoramic shots and landscapes. The focal length of these lenses is between 8-24 mm. Lenses between 24-35 mm, the wide angle lenses are ideal for capturing architectural details. If you are interested in capturing wildlife or sports or are looking for a lens specific to a scientific pursuit like Astronomy, consider using a telephoto lens, which offers a focal length between 100-600mm. 

So, are you ready to capture big dreams?! 

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