Leitz expanding its territory with next generation Thalia Lenses

Leitz is known for their Thalia set of lenses and is always exploring new territory for next-generation optics. Leica thalia prime lenses now known as Leitz has set of 12 prime lenses and is developed for vista vision formats ranging from 18mm to 180mm.  Wide zoom is 25-75mm and longer with a range of 55mm-125mm. [...]

Fujifilm’s zoom cinema lenses “Premista”

The history Fujifilm has been instrumental from the day of its inception in 1934. It has been a pioneer in photographic and motion picture films. From year 2000 Fujifilm started to make their mark by developing lenses for cinema. They were and still are very popular in film, television and commercial production industry for their [...]

Disinfect Your Camera Gear with this simple DIY techniques

To protect ourselves and the loved ones in this pandemic, keeping everything clean and hygienic is the most essential thing. So if you are the one who is always behind the camera make sure you are disinfecting your camera and equipment regularly. Some reports suggest that the corona virus can remain active for couple of […]

Best Camera for Film Makers in The Year 2020

Best cinema camera in 2020 Digital film cinema camera has become a standard for film making. Production houses now want their filmed to be shot at highest resolution possible and RED cameras have become integral part of movie sets around the globe. RED cameras are known for their picture quality. It is a good-looking camera, […]

Corona Virus Do’s and Don’ts – Initiative by Tinnu International

Coronavirus has infected more than 90,000 people across 65 countries. Government of India has issued the do’s and don’ts to curb the spread of virus in our country. Here is the list: Do’s Use disposable tissue or cloth to cover your nose and mouth. Wash your hands with soap and water at regular intervals Try [...]

Why Red Camera is the Best Bargain for Your Next Filmmaking Project

Today, films in India are competing on a global landscape. Indian films with soulful stories and engaging visuals are making a mark in big markets like China, US, Europe, and more. A great example of an Indian film enjoying great success in foreign countries is Dangal (starring Aamir Khan), a super-hit that earned over 1,000 [...]

For Filmmaking Success, Editing Plays a Crucial ‘Role’

So, you’ve finished shooting your film. All the scenes are canned and you came under budget and schedule. But you’re not quite there yet! Before your film can truly be called a masterpiece, it needs to go through an important process – EDITING, ideally with the help of the best pen tablet for Photoshop (or [...]

Calling Filmmakers: Dream Big With the Power of Lenses!

Lenses play a vital role in establishing the theme, mood and the larger vision for films. They also offer more freedom for directors to capture small nuances of life and transfer them to film. For example, macro lenses can help capture rings on water with ultra-miniscule clarity that can take the audience right into a [...]

How to Choose the Best Cameras for Low-Budget Filmmaking

Are you an aspiring filmmaker in search of the best budget camera? Then, you’re probably well aware of the craze among creative folks for DSLRs. These cameras are great for shooting still scenes and shallow focus shots. Additionally, these often work better than camcorders in low light conditions. Furthermore, you can upgrade many DSLRs with [...]

Essential Camera Accessories for A Dream Filmmaking Project

Every filmmaker dreams of shooting his favourite subject someday.  When you are conceptualising your main idea, don’t forget the wonders of technology – small or big! A small tool like a 960GB media card can be the difference between going on an endless shooting spree in the Amazon forest without storage worries, and turning around [...]